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Welcome Sessions Dates 2017

If there is not a date next to the school your child was assigned, please call the school directly.

Click here to see dates 


If you still need to register for Kindergarten, please visit one of our Welcome Center by March 31th before the end of the Second Round

Limited K1 seats are still available in the following schools:

Mattapan Early Elementary School
Shaw Pauline A Elementary
Ellis Elementary
Mildred Avenue K-8 School
Mattapan Early Elementary School
Jackson/Mann K-8 School
Winship Elementary
King K-8 School
Chittick Elementary
Russell Elementary
Dever Elementary
Edison K-8 School
Trotter K-8 School
Winthrop Elementary
Ellis Elementary
Otis Elementary
Adams Elementary
Greenwood Sarah K-8 School
Guild Elementary
Higginson Inclusion K0-2 School
Taylor Elementary
Adams Elementary


Register for Schools

Download a Registration Checklist

Visit DiscoverBPS and get your customize list schools in your home base. 

Pre-Register online and get a head start on the process.

Complete the process by Visiting a Welcome Center.