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Summertime is a great time to get involved in fun social and learning activities with your child to help him or her get ready for kindergarten. Click on Activities tabs or Talk, Read, Play website for ideas, and take advantage of the free activities through your 'I'm Going to Kindergarten' readiness materials (see below.)

Transitions can be very challenging for anyone, adults and children alike, especially the transition into kindergarten. Here are a few suggestions that may help:

Create Routines by setting a bedtime and wake-up time, and stick to it. This helps children know what to expect and ensures they get enough rest.

Read Books about going to school, but also continue to read books with your child for pleasure. Read over and over if your child likes the book. Visit a Read Boston Storymobile event and your child can take a free book home or sign up for a library card at your local library branch and enjoy a huge selection of books that you can borrow and enjoy at home.  Make sure you pick up a Summer Reading list and have fun reading.

Encourage Independence by allowing your child to make certain choices such as 'do you want to wear your purple shirt or the yellow one?' Allow your child to dress him or herself and let them button, zip and put on their own shoes. Teach your child how to open juice boxes and food containers. These skills will help make the transition into the classroom a little easier.

If your child has been assigned a bus (distances greater than one mile from your home), you will receive bus details in the last half of August, after most assignments have been processed and routes laid-out. If you do not receive an assignment, or have questions about the bus, you can contact BPS Transportation at (617) 635-9520. We will have busses at the Boston Children's museum where you can ask questions and participate in a bus safety session.  This helps ease any anxiety for the students. 

Communicate any address changes to your new school and to BPS by visiting a Welcome Center with proofs of your new address so that you will continue to receive important notifications mailed to you.

Your 'Get Ready for School' Checklist

Complete during July to August. The steps you need to take are listed below and all relevant PDFs and links available on the Downloads tab!

  • Pick up your FREE "I'm Going to Kindergarten" Countdown t-shirt, and guide at your local Boston Public Library and enjoy free admission to select activities this summer
  • Learn about 'school transportation' on our Registration Guide
  • Finalize any arrangements for before- and/or after-school care if needed
  • Purchase 'school uniforms' if required at your child's school
  • Complete the 'Parent Questionnaire' to give to your child's teacher at the start of school to help them to know your child
  • Read '10 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten'
  • Celebrate the entrance into Kindergarten by participating in 'Kindergarten Days' (see Special Notices below)
  • Join us at the Countdown to Kindergarten Citywide Celebration on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
Download this file (5-4-3-2-1-2021 overview_PDF.pdf)At A Glance Transition Year 20-21[ ]88 kB
Download this file (All Teacher Summer Communications.pdf)Summer Communications Tool Kit[ ]295 kB
Download this file (August COVID Calendar.pdf)August Activities 2020[ ]389 kB
Download this file (BPS Cal SY20_online.pdf)BPS Calendar SY:19-20[ ]184 kB
Download this file (Citywide Kindergarten Event_Transportation Info 2018 (1).pdf)Transportation for Celebration[ ]375 kB
Download this file (Citywide Kindergarten Event_Transportation Info 2019.pdf)Transportation for Citywide Kindergarten Celebration_2019[ ]382 kB
Download this file (Countdown Reopening Flyer (1).pdf)Countdown Reopening Event[ ]1217 kB
Download this file (Countdown to Kindergarten 2019.jpg)Celebration Invitation [ ]1264 kB
Download this file (Get Ready Cards English2019 combine.pdf)Get Ready Card[ ]1208 kB
Download this file (GUIDEinside2019__English.pdf)Summer Guide 2019[Free activities for BPS Kindergartners when they wear their Tee]4283 kB
Download this file (July COVID Calendar.pdf)July Activities 2020[ ]392 kB
Download this file (K-Days 2019_Dates.pdf)Kindergarten Parties 2019[Kindergarten Days parties at your local library]292 kB
Download this file (Save the date_2019.pdf)Save the date_Citywide Kindergarten Celebration 2019[ ]286 kB
Download this file (Teachers guide complete.pdf)Teacher's Summer Guide[ ]1278 kB