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Congratulations! You have completed the Countdown to Kindergarten process and you and your child are embarking together on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Kindergarten in the Boston Public Schools typically begins the Monday following Labor Day. The following suggestions will help make those first days of school go more smoothly. We thank you for choosing the Boston Public Schools.

Develop a Plan for the First Day of Kindergarten. Some schools have strict policies and prefer parents to say goodbye outside, most would ask you to bring the child to the classroom and spend 10-15 minutes with the student. Once you know your school's guidelines, you can prepare your child ahead of time so she will know what to expect. If your school has a policy that invites you to come into the classroom, talk about how long you will be there (10-15 minutes may be all you need). When saying goodbye, mean it. If you anticipate a difficulty might occur for your child, when it comes to rest time or separating in the morning, feel free to discuss it with your child's teacher or principal so that together you can ease the transition for your child. Remember you know your child better than anyone else.

Taking the Bus. If your child will be attending BPS and has been assigned a bus, you may want to take off the morning of the first day of school to see him off, and then follow the bus to get to know the route your child will take to school.  Please include a name tag with your child information so that the school knows where the child belongs. 

HINT: For the first day of school, dress your child in comfortable clothing. Have him wear elastic waistband pants (zippers, belts, and buttons may be too much during the first couple of days). This way if he waits until the last minute to use the restroom, it will be easier for him to pull his pants down. Also, if your child does not know how to tie his own shoes, have him wear Velcro or slip-on shoes. Once your child feels comfortable and he is used to the new routines you can let him dress how he chooses.


Your 'Start School' Checklist

Complete in September. The steps you need to take are listed below and all relevant documents are available on the downloads tab.

  • If your child is taking the bus, make sure that you have your transportation assignment. For more about transportation, 617-635-9520
  • Review, complete and submit the 'BPS Parent / Student Agreement' by the date specified
  • Celebrate the entrance into Kindergarten by participating in a 'Kindergarten Days' at your local library.
  • Join parents and kindergartners at Countdown to Kindergarten's Annual 'Citywide Celebration at the Children's Museum on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
  • Find out about Parent Council meetings at your school and attend them!